Date and Time Script
Description : Date and time script
Section : JavaScript
Contributor : Jeremy Tymes
Homepage :
Cost : Free

Essentially this is one script with two functions, be able to display the date with one line and display the time with another. This is one of my earlier scripts but I have gone through it and added enough comments to help(I hope). It's pretty straight forward, if you read through the file you should be able to figure it out.

The file currently has the <script> tags in them, so you would have to copy and paste this code directly into your page. If you want to change it so it can be a script source, just take out the things you need to(the part at the end of the file and all of the script tags), rename it to "myfile.js" and call it with <script src="myfile.js" type="text/Javascript"></script>

This will display the date in the following format: August 11th, 2004

This will display the date like this: 12:34:39 PM

Download file :
Date and Time Script

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