Image Counter Script
Description : Image Counter
Filename : iclite1
Version : 1
Cost : Free
Requirements : SSI and CGI
Download size : 12 kb

This is a small and easy image counter you can add to your page. You must have access to a cgi-bin and have SSI (Server Side Includes) available.

"iclite1" is a simple counter. It does not record any further information other than a page view and increment by 1. It will temporarily record the current IP viewing the page. This kills the REFRESH bug.

Default image number set included :

This script lets you use your own images for the numbers. The ones shown above are just some quick ones we put together for now. Just replace the default ones with your own using the same image names.

This counter uses 3 small files, an SSI include call, and 10 images. You can download the zip file below and view the text file for install instructions.

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Image Counter Script

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