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for is a loop. It will loop through a block of coding for a specified amount of times. The WHILE loop on the previous page used a counter method (control) to determine its looping times. The for loop has it's counter control in the condition area.

for (initial expression; condition test; closing expression){
   block of coding here;

initial expression is assigning a value to start with (usually the start of a counter).
condition test tests the current status to determin if the loop should happen or not.
closing expression affects the current status (usually increasing or decreasing).

An Example :
for ($test=0; $test<10; $test++){
   echo "$test is less than 10. <br />";

Results :
0 is less than 10.
1 is less than 10.
2 is less than 10.
3 is less than 10.
4 is less than 10.
5 is less than 10.
6 is less than 10.
7 is less than 10.
8 is less than 10.
9 is less than 10.

What's happening :
1. The variable $test starts with a 0 value.
2. The condition test checks if $test has a value less than 10.
3. If the value is true, do the loop. If false, skip out of the loop.
4. After each loop is completed, increase the variable $test by one.
5. Return to step 2 and continue until the condition test becomes false.
while/do while << for loops >> Arrays Intro

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