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There is one important section to include in the MASTER Page. The code to help all the non-frame capable visitors. If you create a framed site, it is good to have a "non-framed" version as well. Or, at the very least, have a message telling your visitor they are running a non-frame browser and your site is only available in frames. This section is the NOFRAMES section.

The NOFRAMES section contains the BODY section of a regular web page.

<title> Master Page Example </title>

<frameset cols="35%,65%">
<frame src="page1.html">
<frame src="page2.html" name="MainWindow">

regular page code here


In the NOFRAMES section, the page acts like a non-framed (regular) page. If a frame capable browser visits a framed site, it will ignore the NOFRAMES area. If a non-frame browser visits a framed site, it will ignore the frames and run the code in the NOFRAMES area.

In the NOFRAMES area, you should enter at least one of the following :
  1. A link to a non-framed version of your site.
  2. A message telling them you only have a frames version.
  3. A link to another site since they can't enjoy yours.
Linking << NoFrames >> Extras

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