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  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • It is the base code for web pages.
  • It creates a visual presentation that is displayed by a web browser.
The commands in HTML coding (known as TAGS) are enclosed in angle brackets < >. The tags normally come as a set. One to open a command, and one to close it. Everything between the two tags will be affected by them. The closing tag uses a forward slash / in it.


Tags are made up of elements, properties, and values. The command letters or words are called elements. Some elements have declared settings called properties. These properties help describe or shape the way the element will work or function. The property settings are known as values. Some tags can have many properties, others have none.


Note : HTML is not case sensitive. You can use upper and/or lower case letters. In some studies, it shows tags are easier to recognize when they are in upper case (capitalized). If you plan on going further into higher web page coding, it's best to have everything in lower case letters.

The first step in building a web page is entering the FOUNDATION tags. These are the ground level commands that make up the structure of the web page code.



<title> </title>





The general rule with HTML tags is : For every beginning, there is an ending. The tags shown with the forward slash in them / are the ending tags.

Hyper Text Markup Language. Most all web pages are written in this code. Did I just say code instead of language? Yes! The L does happen to symbolize language, but it referes to the English language. The page is created by the code and the code is written in English. HTML itself is not a language.
An introduction to the web page. In this area, some of the settings for the web page are introduced such as the TITLE, and information for search engines.
The title for the web page. Every good page deserves a name. This name will appear in the title bar at the top of the browser window. It is also used as the file name if someone 'bookmarks' your page or saves it.
Main program section for web page. This is where it all happens.
HTML Basics >> Colors

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