How do you ... validate scrollbar colorizing?
Scrollbar coloring is viewable in the latest IE browsers. It may or may not be adopted by other browsers someday. Considering it is a "proprietary" (made by IE and not W3C) type of coding, it will normally not validate as correct coding. Thus a bit of javascript can be used to have the best of both worlds.

<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function()
var htmlStyle = document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].style;
var bodyStyle =;
bodyStyle.scrollbarFaceColor = htmlStyle.scrollbarFaceColor = '#000000';
bodyStyle.scrollbarArrowColor = htmlStyle.scrollbarArrowColor = '#000000';
bodyStyle.scrollbarTrackColor = htmlStyle.scrollbarTrackColor = '#000000';
bodyStyle.scrollbarShadowColor = htmlStyle.scrollbarShadowColor = '#000000';
bodyStyle.scrollbarHighlightColor = htmlStyle.scrollbarHighlightColor = '#000000';
bodyStyle.scrollbar3dlightColor = htmlStyle.scrollbar3dlightColor = '#000000';
bodyStyle.scrollbarDarkshadowColor = htmlStyle.scrollbarDarkshadowColor = '#000000';

The hex color codes should be replaced by your desired colors.

The javascript essentially "hides" the colorizing from the validator, but still allows the colorizing of the scrollbar in IE.
How do you ... validate scrollbar colorizing?

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