How do you ... adjust spacing and link lines after images?
I have some text or another image beside a current image. How do you start the next text or image below the current one instead of beside it?

This is not part of the recommended coding per the W3C, but it works. The BR tag can hold a property called CLEAR. Clear may have a value of LEFT, RIGHT, or ALL. Most people resorting to using this method are specifying ALL for the value. Basically, it tells the browser to start the next coding at the first possible new line space in "THIS" direction. The value of ALL will be sure the next line starts at the first full empty line space after the bottom of the image.

<br clear="all">

I get this funny little blue line appearing after my linked images/text. What's that about?

This usually meanst ther is a space or hard return between the image/text and the ending link tag. Try moving the ending link tag to just after the image/text. This is one of the rare times when spacing or returns will affect the visual outcome of your web page.

From this...
<a href="page.html">
<img src="picture.gif">

Or from this...
<a href="page.html"> <img src="picture.gif"> </a>

To the corrected way...
<a href="page.html"><img src="picture.gif"></a>
How do you ... adjust spacing and link lines after images?

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