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Need some other tricks to use the echo command for? Here are the other values you can enter for the value of var. I'm not going into detail with these at this time. The basics, include and echo are covered on the previous tutorial pages though.

Remember... the value must be in capital letters and the underscore character must be used!

AUTH_TYPEclient authorization method (if any).
CONTENT_LENGTHsize of input posted from client.
CONTENT_TYPEMIME type of content.
DATE_GMTcurrent GMT (Greenwich, UK) date/time. Use #config to format.
DATE_LOCALcurrent local host date/time. Use #config to format.
DOCUMENT_NAMEname of the specified document. ***possibly title***
DOCUMENT_URIURL of the specified document.
LAST_MODIFIEDmodified date of the document. Use #config to format.
PAGE_COUNTnumber of times the document has been accessed.
HTTP_REFERERURL where the visitor just came from.
REMOTE_ADDRnumeric IP address of the visitor.
REMOTE_HOSTdomain name of the visitor (if DNS option active on server).
REMOTE_USERID of visitor (rarely found).
SERVER_NAMEserver host name (example :
SERVER_PORTthe port used by httpd (usually 80).
SERVER_PROTOCOLthe version of httpd compliance.
SERVER_SOFTWAREthe name of the server software (example : apache 1.2.5)
TOTAL_HITStotal pages served since server has been online.

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