Browser Compatibility.
One of the most difficult tasks of web designing is browser compatibility. This includes different brands of browsers, different versions, and sometimes different operating systems. Try and test your web pages in as many different settings possible.

Create a page using Microsoft FrontPage Express. Now view that page through a Netscape browser. Create a page using Netscape Composer. Now view that page through an Internet Explorer browser. Now try viewing either of those pages through an AOL browser or a WebTV viewer. Any way you look at it, there are going to be many differences in views.

Why are there such different views when HTML coding is generally the same for all?

The coding part of the web page isnít the problem. It is the browser part. Each company that produces a browser to view web pages have their own ideas on what looks best in their browser. There are numerous HTML tags that work only in one browser or version of a browser. There are also numerous HTML tags that will work in many browsers and versions, but will have a different look or behave differently in some of them.

OK, Why are there different renderings of HTML tags between the browsers or versions?

An organization known as W3C creates all available HTML tags, properties, and values. Each browser company takes that list and decides which ones will work with their browser. Each browser company then decides how any particular HTML tag will render in their browser. As each company has their own views and ideas, this may cause a very large difference in the outcome of one simple web page.

As for the versions, it is easy to understand that as newer versions of browsers get developed, they get more powerful and may understand more commands. This will increase the ability to use different features on a web page. But... the pitfall of different browser viewers will still be a factor.

What browser type or version should I make my web pages for?

That is a very good question. The answer is up to you though. Most people around the world are using a version 4 or higher of a major browser. These can render most newer type coding well and in a similar fashion to each other. Some people choose one main browser and put up a notice saying "Best viewed in...".

If you truly want to make a great site, you will have to test your pages in different browsers. At the very least using Internet Explorer and Netscape (or Mozilla). If you can get your pages to look good in both of these, you have done well. Netscape is the harder to please when it comes to HTML code rendering. Many designers use Netscape as a base test.

On this site, we have done our best to make it look good in the latest IE, Mozilla and Opera browsers. There are always going to be a bit of difference between them all, but hopefully the differences are kept to a minimum.
Browser Compatibility.

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