Deprecated Tags
Sooner or later you will find that a certain tag, property or value is classed as "deprecated". Here are some definitions of this term that may clear things up on what it means :

Deprecate (without the i which would be depreciate). These are spelled very similar and have they have very similar meanings. The two words are often interchanged.

From the W3C site :
A deprecated element or attribute is one that has been outdated by newer constructs (HTML versions). Deprecated elements may become obsolete (unusable) in future versions of HTML. User agents (browser companies) should continue to support deprecated elements for reasons of backward compatibility. Authors should use style sheets to achieve stylistic and formatting effects rather than HTML presentational attributes.

Dictionary :
Deprecate :
1. To deplore.
2. To express condemnation of something or somebody.
3. To seek to avert.
4. To pray against.
5. To express disapproval of.
6. To make little of.
7. To belittle.
8. To seek deliverance from.
9. To desire the removal of.
10. To disapprove strongly.

From Encarta : To "deprecate" something is to deplore or condemn it as wrong in itself.
To "depreciate" something is to belittle or disparage it, although it may not be wrong or bad in itself.
Both words have common synonyms.

As long as you have the correct DOCTYPE specified, the next few browser versions will accept backwards compatabilities so there shouldn't be much to worry about. Try to use style sheets though as they will give you much more control and abilities.
Deprecated Tags

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