No Right Click
On practically any HTML coding forum, there will always be a weekly visitors asking for the non-right click script to prevent image theft.

The non-right click script (in any version) is a very low security feature. It is easily passed by any seasoned surfer. The other fact is it makes the site less presentable and less professional.

A great resource that explains about the non-right click (as well as giving you the code for it anyways) is at The title of the URL kinda says it all too.

Here are some of the workarounds to the script...
  • Javascript disabled on visitors browser.
  • View > Source on browser toolbar and get direct URL of image.
  • File > Save As on browser toolbar.
  • CTRL-A, CTRL-C, CTRL-V. Select all, copy, and paste.
  • Using a 3rd party image editor for screen capture (such as PaintshopPro).
  • Plus more...

So what can be done?

Instead of wasting time trying to prevent the impossible, try using a straight forward approach. Display a note on your page that these images were created by you. If they would like to use any of your images on their site, please contact you at your email address. This really isn't too much of a prevention, but at least you will be able to know where some of your images will be appearing. Perhaps ask for a link back to your site for compensation. It is so little to ask for and may benefit back to your site in return.

No Right Click

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