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The HEAD area, where the TITLE and META tags are found, is also used to store CSS commands. These are called embedded CSS. Any embedded CSS command will over-ride an external CSS command of the same tag. Embedded commands are more specific to the page.

Embedded CSS codes are placed within the HEAD area of the page code. That is anywhere after the <HEAD> tag and before the </HEAD> tag. NOT in the HEAD tag itself.

<style type="text/css">
... style sheet codes here ...

STYLESpecifies a CSS area.
RELSpecifies the CSS commands relate to text formatting.
TYPEcomments out the CSS commands. This is a trick used to "hide" the codes from older browsers. If the code is not hidden, older browsers will print out the code onto the web page.

Most examples shown in the following CSS tutorial pages will be using the EMBEDDED style.
External << Embedded >> Inline

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